Start Your Degree in the Summer Semester

Those interested in studying at the University of Bremen can for the first time start their degree course in the summer semester.

Information Day for Prospective Students

Prospective students are once again invited to find out everything they need to know about studying at the University of Bremen on Wednesday, May 10, 2023.

Space and space technology

The study of space offers a fascinating and unique opportunity to explore the mysteries of the universe and push the boundaries of human knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Artificial intelligence is one of the major issues when it comes to solving tomorrow’s problems. In doing so, we face a number of challenges.

From deep sea to outer space

If you are interested in science and technology, the University of Bremen is the right place for you to study. Why? Find out!

Climate protection and sustainability

There are many reasons the University of Bremen calls itself a climate university. Find out what’s behind it and how you can study the subject here.

Something with media...

Media, communication, marketing and related topics, whether analog or digital, are part of studying and teaching at the University of Bremen.


Valuing diversity! We want to break down structural barriers and advocate for inclusive language and a non-discriminatory study culture. We take a stand against homophobia and heteronormativity and support the autonomy of trans*, inter* and non-binary people.

Join us at CSD in Bremen on August 26, 2023!

How do I apply?
What courses of study are available?

All important information

Your start at the University of Bremen

Have you made it and are starting your studies at the University of Bremen? Welcome to our website! We provide all first-year students with information and orientation. For example, there is the Uni-Start-Portal, which will help you find your way around in the first few days. There is also the “O-Week”, where we explain and show you everything you need to know. Of course, there will also be plenty of celebrations: the Freshers’ Welcome Party. Don’t miss it!

The City of Bremen

Why Bremen is the perfect city to study? Find out here.


Young Universities for the Future of Europe

Information for International Students

Find out how to apply from abroad, what requirements you should fulfill and what else the university offers for internationals.

So, what is it like to study?

Our student guides will tell you!

Have you met our student guides?

Our student guides are students who will answer your questions about the University of Bremen and give you an insight into their subject and campus life in general.

Even in the current situation, you can chat with them, either via video chat, email, or on the phone.


You can also arrange an exchange with a student guide directly via the contact form on the university website. Just use the link below and let us know whether you would like to get to know the university in general, which topics interest you, or your desired degree subject – and we will match you with someone from our pool of student guides who will contact you directly to arrange an appointment.

contact form

Why Uni Bremen

There is a lot to be said for the University of Bremen!

You need help?

Enquiring helps!

The Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) informs and advises everyone who has questions regarding studying.

You can find out the current office hours on the homepage of the Central Student Advisory Service at

The International Office is responsible for advising international students and prospective students. You can find the right contact person here.