Admission-Free Degree Programs


Seize the opportunity and apply now for our admission-free degree programs from September 1st to 15th.

All Available Bachelor’s Degree Places at a Glance

You can find all subjects for which you can enroll at the University of Bremen from September 1 to September 15 here. Whether you are interested in computer science, chemistry, or systems engineering – we offer a wide range of courses in Bremen.


Marine Geosciences

Rising ocean levels? CO2 storage in the ocean? Possible consequences of deep-sea mining? Are you interested in the pressing questions of the marine environment? In the international Marine Geosciences bachelor’s degree program at the University of Bremen, you can find the answers! The hands-on degree program offers excursions, boat getaways, and optimal supervision in small, intercultural groups. The compulsory elective area includes the seven core subjects geochemistry, paleontology, sedimentology, paleoceanography, and geo computer science as well as exploration geophysics and geodynamics from the B.Sc. Geosciences program, which is a bilingual degree offered in German and English.

The international bachelor’s degree program offers a fundamental, science-based understanding of the Earth’s system with a focus on oceans. With this degree, you can contribute to the sustainable development of the marine habitat.

Political Science

Dive into the realm of Political Science – where the spotlight is on political institutions like government, parliament, judiciary, parties, administration, and international organizations. Uncover the conflicts of interest, mechanisms of power, and political processes that shape our world. Explore political content and programs in various fields. This program equips you with comprehensive scholarly knowledge of political fields, institutions, and processes on national, European, and international levels.

Social / Cultural Anthropology and Cultural Studies

Social / Cultural Anthropology and Cultural Studies encompass the interaction of our culture with other cultures, the history of transcultural relationships, globalization, and the role of media and communication in these processes. At the University of Bremen, this academic discipline is founded on two pillars: Ethnology and Media and Communication Studies. This combination is not offered anywhere else in Germany! During your degree, you are exposed to a variety of cultural practices and discourse as well as alternative and experimental teaching and study methods. You will be familiarized with social and cultural anthropology topics in various ways and write essays, papers, and research papers, experiment with different text genres from online blogs to journalistic formats, or produce film and radio content. You will experience step by step what working and research in cultural and social anthropology entails.

Computer Science

Are you interested in multimedia systems or process control? Artificial intelligence, browser games, databases, operating systems – all this is part of your vocabulary? Then take a closer look at our computer science program. You will learn about user interfaces, web and smartphone apps, embedded and mobile systems, robots, and much more. Computer science students also pay attention to information and functional security, usability and expandability.

Completing a computer science program leads to the Bachelor of Science degree and covers the theoretical, practical, and technical fundamentals of computer science, their applications for solving concrete problems, as well as the economic and social contexts of these developmental and application processes. In the bachelor project, you will be part of a group, which will concentrate on topics with practical significance over a longer period of time – a specialty of the Bremen computer science degree programs!

Business Studies (BWL) 

Embark on a journey in Business Studies with fundamental concepts, and then delve into increasingly specialized business content. The first half of the program focuses on the basics of Business and Economics, followed by specialized explorations where you can choose a concentration aligned with your interests.