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Artificial intelligence is one of the major issues when it comes to solving tomorrow’s problems. In doing so, we face a number of challenges. For example, how can we automate the learning of intelligent behavior so that it facilitates our processes in all areas of life? What is possible and what kind of limits can we leave behind?

Are you burning to get involved with exactly these topics? Great, because at the University of Bremen you can choose Artificial Intelligence as your focus in various study programs.

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Do you want to understand and shape the world of tomorrow? Dive into the exciting world of algorithms, discover machine learning and get fit in data analysis and co. Choose your major and study tomorrow’s techniques today. #YOUKNOWWHY


Not only theory

Practical networking and first-hand experience: At the University of Bremen, we don’t believe in dry theory. Try out your student research and get to know topic-specific initiatives, networks and projects. In Bremen, you get up close and personal. For you, this means that application and exchange are central components of your studies.

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Your research - your opportunities

At the University of Bremen, you will get the chance to participate in exciting projects and work in an internationally renowned AI research environment. Whether you want to drive the development of autonomous vehicles, create human-like robots, or critically analyze AI, your opportunities are numerous.

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