Bremen Spirit

Its indescribable. You just have to experience it!

Whether it’s the after-work beers at the Schlachte, a picnic at Osterdeich, a Werder Bremen home game in the Viertel district, the alpacas in the Bürgerpark, skating in the Überseestadt district, sunbathing at the Unisee lake, being with your friends in the campus park…

Bremen is just Bremen and that is something you should discover yourself!

A City with Small Town Feeling

It feels like Bremen is a city and a small town in one. Regardless of whether you’re on the right or the left side of the Weser – you’ll feel comfortable in Bremen straight away.

With more than 550,000 inhabitants, Bremen is Germany’s tenth largest city. But that’s something you don’t always notice. It’s not unusual to meet your university friends at the market, the lecturers in the pub next door, or the Mensa cafeteria staff dancing in a club.
The tram also goes through (nearly) every district. Line 6 takes you comfortably to the campus. Or to the airport. It rings true when the natives lovingly call Bremen a “village with a tram”.

Weser, kleine Weser, Werdersee

What is thought to split the city is actually what connects it – the water. Regardless of whether on the water, next to the water, in the water, underwater, water from above (or from the side if there’s a storm), upstream or downstream along the water, or big bodies of water, namely the North and Baltic Seas that are only a short amount of time away – in Bremen we love the water and everything to do with it.

Travelling by Bicycle

Bremen is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in Germany. You can get everywhere in the city within an hour. And if you want to get out into the countryside than get on your bicycle and ride along the banks of the Weser river to Bremen-Nord or to the Blockland region where you can enjoy an ice-cream.

Werder Bremen

Bremen is not only green but green and white. Werder Bremen belongs to Bremen just as much as the Weser river does. And it is exactly there on the river, in the middle of the city, where the Weserstadion lies. Arrival via boat? No problem.

Always a Fresh Breeze

There’s always a fresh breeze in Bremen. That is why the Bremen inhabitants only ever find it windy when other regions are saying there’s a storm.


Walking along the banks of the Weser river with a handcart and then eating Grünkohl and Pinkel sausage. Typical for Bremen!

Breminale Festival

Once a year, the Osterdeich area turns into a culture festival for five days. Great artists and musicians, culinary highlights, amazing vibes – and that’s all for free. No one in Bremen passes up on this chance!

Low Living Costs

The rent in Bremen is low in comparison to other cities. In Bremen’s 23 districts, there is the right house for the right price in a great area for everyone.


At the beginning of the winter semester at the end of October, the biggest fair in Northern Germany will be opening its gates. And as they say in Bremen: “Ischa Freimaak”! For nearly 1000 years, the Bremen Freimarkt fair has been celebrated as the fifth hanseatic season.


Bremen Airport is only 15 minutes away from the city center with the tram. You can reach the city airport from the uni in just thirty minutes with line 6.

The Bremen Town Musicians

Who doesn’t know the Bremen Town Musicians? The world-famous donkey, dog, cat, and rooster can be seen at Bremen City Hall. And those who need a little bit more luck only need to touch the donkey’s front legs and make a wish.

Knigge Etiquette

Behave yourself! The book “On Behaving Well with People”, which was published in 1788, is still directly connected with the name Knigge and forms the basis for many workshops on good etiquette. Baron Knigge was buried in the St. Petri cathedral in Bremen.

Flat Land

The land is flat. The highest natural point in Bremen is a sensational 32.5 meters high. And seeing as the land surrounding Bremen is just as flat, you can nearly see the sea. Perfect for trips with inline skates or on your bicycle.

Flea Markets

Flea markets, junk, and antiques. You can find treasures when you visit one of Bremen’s flea markets. All markets are listed here: Markets in Bremen


You can travel from Bremen to the seaside in the shortest amount of time. For example, with your semester ticket you can reach Bremerhaven on the North Sea within half an hour for free or you can get to Lübeck on the Baltic Sea in just under 2 hours.

Doner Kebab
as Far as the
Eye Can See

The Neustadt district apparently has the highest number of doner kebab shops in the whole state. Why don’t you test them!

Weser River

The 451.4 km long Weser river is the heart of the hanseatic city Bremen. The river has its source in the Weserbergland region “where Werra and Fulda kiss” and flows into the North Sea in Bremerhaven. Relaxing, strolling, doing sport – there’s a great deal to do at the Weser river.