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Do you have questions about studying at the University of Bremen?
Here you will find the answers

Don’t worry! In the first week at uni – the orientation week or O-week – you will receive all the information on how you can create your timetable as best as possible.

And take a look at the Uni-Start portal – there you will find information that can help you to create your timetable.

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That will also be explained during the O-week. The majority of the registrations take place via the Stud.IP portal, for which you will receive your own login data alongside your enrollment confirmation before the semester begins.

We admit it. The uni campus can be a little confusing for anyone who is new. However, there is a freshman guide for first-semester students. The guide includes a campus map. And once you know where your faculty is, you then only need to remember the most important routes to the Mensa cafeteria or the library. There are, of course, enough other students that are willing to help.

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Uni Bremen has many partner universities across Europe but also worldwide. The International Office has more information for you.

Faculties also have their own partner universities. You can find more information and the contact person for this on the faculty websites.

The main Mensa cafeteria on the campus offers a diverse range of vegetarian food and there is a different vegan offer each week. There is also a salad bar where you can put your salad together as you wish.

Canteen University Bremen

The are several childcare facilities and advice and service offices for students who have a child. You can get help there so that your degree as a parent becomes a little easier. Just take a look at You can find more information on the topic there.

Kinder am Campus Uni Bremen

You have many advantages with your student ID, for example cheaper cinema, theater, or museum tickets or discounts in many different stores. Just take a look at the websites of your favorite shops and see if you can maybe find a discount code for students.

With the semester ticket you can travel by train to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and to many great, larger and smaller cities, such as Hamburg, Lübeck, Hanover or Münster. You can find the route network and further information here.
By the way, the semester ticket will be sent to you by mail at the beginning of each new semester together with your (re)enrollment notification. Have fun sticking it together!

In terms of the BAföG student loan, the Office for Student Funding of the Student Services Organization Bremen is your contact partner. You can find their offices in the Glasshalle building on the central campus. You can, of course, take a look at their website first ( You can find useful information and tips on BAföG there.

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Of course! Scholarships are not only for gifted students, because in addition to outstanding achievements, social commitment also plays a major role. Scholarship providers choose their scholarship holders themselves. It‘s therefore advisable to obtain information about the principles and objectives of the scholarship providers. You can find more information about the possibilities here.

There are many ways to find accommodation in Bremen. If you don’t want to live alone the WG-gesucht website is a great place to start. You also won’t be alone in the many student housing facilities managed by the Student Services Organization Bremen and private service providers. You can look for your student digs amongst the many private advertisements on
You can find an overview of the possibilities here.

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It varies from person to person. If you’re more of the communicative type, like to be around people, and fancy a beer and a nice conversation in the evening then shared housing is probably more your thing. If you like to be alone and prefer your peace in front of the TV in the evening, then a 1-bed apartment is probably right for you.

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It’s not possible to really generalize it but seeing as the Schwachhausen district is close to the university, many students live there. As they also do in the Findorff, Viertel, and Neustadt districts.

By bike, car, or public transport – you choose!

With your semester ticket you can use public transport free of charge. Tram line 6 takes you from the main train station to the stop “Universität/Zentralbereich” directly, for example. Bus lines 21, 22, 28, and 31 also stop on campus. You can get an overview with the free travel planning app from VBN.

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Thankfully, Bremen is not that big which means that you can basically get everywhere by bicycle – the uni as well, of course. If you’re lucky, your bicycle route may run through the Bürgerpark.

If you don’t mind that your journey to the university takes a little longer and you live in a town that is not too far away, you can, of course, commute.

Thanks to the semester ticket, you can travel across half of Germany. Whether it’s a trip to the seaside, a city trip to Hamburg, Magdeburg, Hanover, or Münster…. it’s all included!
Don’t forget Bremen Airport, which is in the center of the city. If you are looking for a cheap trip outside of Germany, Vienna or London might be an idea.
And then there is the well-known Flixbus service.

That’s something that everyone has to decide for themselves but there is often the chance to earn a little money alongside your degree. Thanks to you being able to create your timetable as you wish, it is often easy to coordinate your degree with your job.

That depends on what you study and in which field you want to work. The university notice board, the Career Center, Stud.IP or online job portals can help when looking for a job. Working student jobs are often advertised there. And if you don’t find a suitable job, a speculative application may be a good idea. It’s worth a try. ????

There is support at the university in this area. You should not miss the “Studying and Internships Abroad” university fair in November and the “Praxisbörse” fair in April.

There are many charitable associations in Bremen that appreciate any help that they get. Take a look at the Freiwilligen Agentur (a voluntary work agency) website You can find useful information on how and where you can lend a helping hand in Bremen there.

That depends on what you like to do the most! Sport, nature, culture, parties? There are innumerable possibilities in Bremen.

University sports for example. Every student can register for a small fee. There are many courses on offer – from acrobatics to Zumba – there’s something for everyone!

Those who also like nature have lots to do in Bremen and the surrounding region. You decide whether it’s the Bürgerpark, Werdersee lake, or Wesermarsch region.

There are also many museums, theaters, art projects etc. With the culture semester ticket, you can go to Theater Bremen for free, for example.

There are flea markets nearly every weekend. Or you could go to a football game in the Weserstadion to cheer on Werder Bremen. Or party in the Viertel district. And don’t forget Bremen’s fifth season: the Freimarkt fair in October.

University sports

Each summer, the Breminale takes place at the Osterdeich area. It is set up like a festival with often still undiscovered musicians and is free. There are also regular events on the topics of entrepreneurship and starting your own business, as well as small pub or café events. Of course, there are also poetry slams and concerts throughout the whole year.

The Osterdeich area, the Werdersee lake, and the Unisee lake are popular meeting points in the summer. If you want to meet for a coffee during the day or a beer in the evening, then most people go to the Viertel district or to the Schlachte. Those are the most popular and well-known places, Bremen naturally has a lot more to offer.

Sure! It’s the Viertel district. But the nightlife is great in other districts too.

Then have a look at the FAQ of the University of Bremen.