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Applying from Abroad

How can I apply when I don’t come from Germany, which documents do I have to submit, and which language certificates do I have to acquire before I start studying? Answers to these and other questions can be found here:


At the University of Bremen everyone can find the perfect degree course. You can choose between a teacher education, subject-based degrees or law. Find out now!

All Degree Courses

You’re not quite sure what you want to study?
Interests vary greatly and that’s a good thing! That’s why we have such a large choice of degree courses. You can find an overview here.

Teacher Education
You think that you can do it better than your old teachers? You can choose whether you would rather teach at primary, secondary, inclusive, or vocational schools. Find out more here.

Subject-Based Degrees
There are 47 degree options available for a single-subject bachelor’s degree. For a two-subject bachelor’s degree, the university offers 526 possible combinations. There are a further 63 Master of Arts or Master of Science degree courses. Finally, there is also the field of law where you complete the state examinations.


kompass – The University of Bremen’s International Network

You want to quickly find contacts in Bremen? kompass can help and offers you the chance to network thanks to various intercultural offers for international and German students. Events such as Culture Nights, jam sessions, or in working groups for creative projects make it possible. kompass offers a great deal more – take a look!

No C1 Language Certificate Yet?

You want to study at the University of Bremen but haven’t got a C1 German certificate yet? Then preparatory studies may just be exactly the right thing for you! Whilst you improve your language skills at a language school in Bremen, you can already take part in seminars and lectures at the University of Bremen as a preparatory student and get to know the university. The International Office is happy to hold a personal consultation with you.

HERE AHEAD Preparatory Studies

HERE AHEAD is a cooperation between the three public universities in the state of Bremen and depending on the target group, offers preparatory programs for your degree. The preparatory studies program “:prime” is aimed at people interested in studying and who have an entry qualification for a preparatory college. The “:here” and “:in-touch” programs are aimed at refugees. HERE AHEAD is your place of contact for all matters concerning preparation and orientation.