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The University of Bremen has been involved in climate and environmental research ever since it was founded more than 50 years ago; it is one of the world‘s leading universities in these fields and has been committed to the sustainable development of our world for many years.

On the one hand, numerous projects consider sustainability from a scientific perspective. On the other, the University‘s own activities are continually scrutinized to see whether they are compatible with ecological, social, and economic sustainability.

What this means exactly is described here:

The University of Bremen is also committed to active environmental protection in its day-to-day routine.

Here you can find out more about what it actually does:

Find the right degree program

The researchers pass on the findings from their scientific research to the students at the University of Bremen. Sustainability and climate protection are topics which appear in one form or another in lots of degree programs, because almost all faculties regularly offer courses which deal with various aspects of sustainability.

Here is an overview of what the University of Bremen has on offer in the summer semester 2022:

You can find detailed information on these courses on the individual webpages of the degree programs or in the Course Catalog.
And you could also take a look at the “Virtual Academy of Sustainability”, which provides free online courses on the topic of sustainability not only for the students here in Bremen, but all over Germany.

Click on a faculty to find out which programs it offers:

On the practical level

At the University of Bremen, climate protection is not just pure theory, it is also frequently put into practice, because the University is fully committed to all aspects of climate protection and is working towards making the campus climate neutral.

Here are some practical examples:


Sustainability and climate protection are also a major research focus. The scientists at the University of Bremen are searching for answers to the mega issues facing today‘s societies – and these naturally include sustainability, climate change and climate protection, and the transition to green energy.
More information about some of the institutes at Bremen University whose research fields include the environment and sustainability—such as artec, marum or the UFT— can be found here:

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