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Media, communication, marketing and related subjects—both analog and digital— are part of studying and teaching at the University of Bremen. Many of our degree programs and research institutions are concerned with these topics, sometimes the focus is more academic, sometimes more practical, and each has its own particular priorities, e.g., Cultural Studies and Linguistics, Mathematics and Information Technology, Educational Sciences, or Business Studies and Economics.

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Do you feel at home in the digital world? Are media an integral part of your life? Is communication your thing? If your answer is yes, then you always have the Web, social media, streaming, apps, advertising and video clips, or maybe even magazines and radio, at your fingertips.
Whether you already know what you want to do after university or not, you will find the degree program which best matches your interests at the University of Bremen.

Maybe one of these degree programs is what you‘re looking for:

On the practical level

And you can also gain some practical experience, of course. As part of your degree program or in your free time. There are practical projects where you are in contact with companies in and around the region and make your first contacts. Or you can also get really involved in student projects and create blogs and podcasts to spread the latest news from around campus.

Here are just a few examples:


The work undertaken by researchers at the University of Bremen is often academic and of practical relevance at the same time. It ranges from the development of computer technologies designed to improve the life of their users, the investigation of how social media influencers become brands in their own right, through to the exploration of issues relating to the changes happening in the media and communication.

Some examples are:

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