From the deep sea
to outer space


Advances in the natural sciences and technology

At the University of Bremen, the teaching and research ranges from the deep sea to outer space and includes some unique degree programs for those who do not shy away from technology and the natural sciences. Everyone can find their niche—whether their passion is samples from the deep sea, biodiversity of the oceans, autonomous cars, robot chefs, or zero gravity.

Find the right degree program

The University of Bremen has around 50 degree programs just waiting to be discovered. They include the traditional STEM subjects such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science, of course, and others that are possibly not as well known. Find out more about our degree programs.

Here are the links to the degree programs mentioned in the video:

On the practical level

Research-based learning helps you gain lots of practical experience—as part of your degree program and in your free time as well. You can sign up to a wide range of other activities as well.

For example Bremergy e.V. Every year, students from various disciplines work together to design and construct an electric racing car to participate in the “Formula Student” competition.

The Science Blog serves a completely different purpose. The editorial team of this student initiative is always pleased to welcome new members who enjoy reporting on the STEM research at the University of Bremen.


Marine sciences, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, and space research are only a few of the research priorities for which the University Bremen is famous.

These links take you to some of the highlights:

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