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The study of space offers a fascinating and unique opportunity to explore the mysteries of the universe and push the boundaries of human knowledge. With our three space programs (Master) Space Engineering, Space Sciences and Technologies and Astrophysics and Space Science, the University of Bremen offers you the opportunity to reach for the stars. You can also enter this fascinating world of research through various Bachelor programs.

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Boundaries are not your thing? Then enter a world full of discoveries, unimagined possibilities and explore the vastness of our universe. Apply now to study space at the University of Bremen. #YOUKNOWWHY

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Weltraum und Weltraumtechnik Studierende
Weltraum und Weltraumtechnik Studierende
Weltraum und Weltraumtechnik Studierende

Not only theory

The interdisciplinary master programs are embedded in a strong business and research network of local partners such as AIRBUS, OHB, the German Aerospace Center and ZARM. We say: Welcome to Bremen, the “City of Space”.

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Your research - your opportunities

The study of space is an exciting journey into an unknown world full of possibilities. It opens up the opportunity for you to be at the forefront of human knowledge, to gain new insights, and to have a positive impact on our society and the future of humanity. Sounds racy?

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