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Inter­disciplinary Studies

Inter­disciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinarity has characterized the University of Bremen since its founding in 1971. The 12 faculties are closely connected in teaching and research thanks to their interdisciplinary cooperations. You have 526 combination possibilities for a subject-oriented two-subject degree and have the chance to go the extra mile. Take a close look at what we offer!

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Support for Your Degree Start

Support for Your Degree Start

The university and the start of a degree can be a little confusing for new students. But do not worry – you’re not on your own at the University of Bremen. The orientation week takes place in the fall for all freshmen. There you will find out what support there is and get to know the campus and you peers. In all faculties, the Study Centers are an important central place of contact for students so that degree planning and examination regulations can be explained, for example. Many degree courses also offer preliminary classes, seminars, tutorials, and individual consultation opportunities that make your start a little easier.

For more info, take a look at our Uni-Start portal.


High-Profile Areas

High-Profile Areas

The University of Bremen has determined five high-profile areas of research. In detail: “Marine, Polar, and Climate Research”, “Social Change, Social Policy, and the State”, “Materials Sciences and Technologies”, “Minds, Media, Machines”, and “Health Sciences”. In said areas, scientists work together on the issues of the future. Sounds interesting? We think so too!

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Join In!

Join In!

You want to get involved? We have many opportunities. Whether it is in a theater group or the orchestra, as a study pilot, in the AStA Student Union, or one of the many student initiatives – it’s up to you!

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Inclusive Not Exclusive

Inclusive not exclusive

If you have a physical or psychological, visible or invisible impairment, take a look at the diverse support offered. There are consultation facilities, orientation aid on campus, a support room for students with visual impairments, and much more. You can also always go to the Contact and Information Office for Students with Disabilities or Chronic Illnesses (KIS) or the kivi student initiative.




Semester Abroad

Semester abroad

Internationality can be found in all areas of the University of Bremen. A part of this is also the many chances for students to study abroad. You want to study abroad and gain new experiences? For example, this can be done with the EU ERASMUS program within Europe, with a global exchange program outside of Europe, or via a direct application to the university of your choice worldwide.

Study abroad

No Limits

No Limits

With the semester ticket you can travel all the way to the North and Baltic Seas and to many big and small towns, for example Hamburg, Lübeck, Hanover, or Münster.


Theater for Free

Theater for free

With the culture semester ticket students can see all performances and premieres at Theater Bremen.

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Doing Sport Together

Doing sport together

The Hochschulsport e.V. association offers over 500 courses per semester. Between classics, such as football, climbing, or yoga, those who love exotic sports will find something. For example, hula hoop, parkours, wingsurfing, aero wheel, futsal, or joggling.

University sports

Learning Languages

learning languages

You can learn Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek (modern), Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Latin, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish, and Sign Language at the Languages Centre of the Universities in the Land of Bremen.


Time at the Lake

Time at the lake

Bremen’s largest quarry lake is directly next to the campus. Alongside beaches, sunbathing areas, and barbeque areas, there is a small kiosk that sells snacks and cold drinks. In the summer, many students meet here to surf, swim, or barbeque.

Bicycle Broken?

Bicycle broken?

No problem. There is a small bicycle workshop on campus where you can fix it either with or without help. Information about services and opening hours can be found on the AStA page.


Attention all Artists!

Attention all artists

Chaos meets creativity. Whether it’s demonstration posters or art work – the AStA Student Union painting room is open from Mondays to Fridays between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.